Riverside Drive at Cahuenga

Himalaya Sen

of Toluca Lake

10670 Riverside Dr.

North Hollywood CA, 91602

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Toluca Lake


10670 Riverside Drive

North Hollywood, CA, 91602


What are people saying about their experience at Himalaya Sen?


I'm so glad I was tipped off to this place the week it opened!  An hour long massage at prices you wouldn’t (especially right now since they just opened!).  It's one big room with rows of comfy chairs that turn into massage tables.  You stay clothed, but you get an amazing head, foot, and back massage.  It's reflexology, so it's not your standard massage, as they find pressure points and massage you into pure bliss.  I was so pleasantly surprised by this place, and want to help them stay busy so they stick around and I can keep going back!  Check it out!

Amy W.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I work out regularly and this was the first time I had the courage to walk in for a massage.  They immediately made me feel comfortable (you only take off your shoes) and the place was immaculately clean and very relaxing (with soft music, clean towels, and wonderful smells everywhere).  I had a wonderful massage and the prices were very low.  I felt so guilty after receiving a full hour massage that hit sore spots that I did not even know that I had, I had to give the masseur a great tip.  I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Patrick G

San Diego, CA

Run, don't walk! I found this new place after a long week of work. They just opened, the place is beautiful, clean, quiet, relaxing, extremely friendly  and totally legit ;) No private rooms in the back here. They put you in a comfy chair, soak your feet in a warm bath of herbs, while the therapist works on your face and head. Then they work on your arms and get you ready for the most awesome foot reflexology / massage of your life!  That's not all! Then they flip you over and work on your back! This place is fantastic and open til midnight! I seriously want to go everyday after work. I'm hooked, you will be too. Good thing it's such a great deal.  Himalaya Sen is the bomb!!!

liz n.

Los Angeles, CA

This is a wonderful place to hang and relax with a group of friends after a long day or week.  The atmosphere is great and very welcoming.  I am a massage therapist and I appreciate the different style and technique of the massages here.  They are open from 12-12 so it's easy to fit this into your busy life.  This is where I got after a day of massaging others!  You should got too.

Marlene F.

Burbank, CA

I got the BEST massage here.  I live in San Francisco where there are many foot massage places but Himalayen Sen was a completely different experience.  First of all the place spa is beautifully decorated and you immediately relax when you step into the door.

My massage therapist was excellent.! I have lower back pain, she really knew how much pressure would be comfortable, she focused on my back  but managed to do an excellent job with the rest of my body.   I left a new woman.

I love this place! Their prices are incredible and you get way more than what you pay for.  Tip your massage therapist well, it's good karma.

Humaira G.

San Francisco, CA

I was meeting a friend to go listen to some jazz music and a guy approached me and said "Would you like a free massage"? My city defenses were up so I immediately said "No thanks" but luckily the the young  man just smiled and showed me the coupon. I quickly retracted my "No" and said "What am I crazy I would love a free massage".

I was nervous that there was a gimmick. Like I would have to go to someones house and ....well I was NOT going to do that. But luckily the owners have marketing savvy and had a picture of the place on the free coupon. No creepy home-- a nice, clean, spa environment.

Well long story short--I  had a massage and I was shocked that there was NO GIMMICK at all. Just a very smart owner who knows about marketing and how to build a client list.

Well now I am a big fan. I had the most wonderful massage. I had never had a foot/reflexology massage before (my feet are so soooo ticklish) but this was pure heaven. The owner was very nice. The massage therapist was very respectful and discreet. Even though you are in a room full of people each sitting on their respective chairs--you feel completely alone. For those people who shy away from going into private rooms. This place is for you.

Bring a tip for these fine therapist they deserve it. I handed mine a $20.00 and wished I had more cash to give him. He deserved much more than that because after all it was a FREE massage. For those of you who are no sure how much to tip--at least tip something. $5.00 is better than nothing. I believe the regular rate is $30.00 still the best game in town-- in my opinion.

They had a special going on--- 10 massages for $100.00 I grabbed it. That is $10.00 a massage. You can not bet that price anywhere!! Bring cash. Only cash is accepted.

I plan on being a regular. So happy they are in my neighborhood.

Kay O.

Burbank, CA

I had two "chinese reflexology" massages in the span of two days and I am happy to report that the second (at Himalaya Sen) was superior. I still can't believe you get a full body massage for the price you pay here. The place was clean, calming, well designed and full of great employees...  somewhat surprisingly due to the low price. I guess I expected it to be a smaller experience or something else for the price that they charge, but it was definitely better than many massages I've had for $75 or more an hour.... and unlike a lot of places, they seemed thrilled to have my business. I'm telling my friends to go. Great experience--especially for the price.

Jason F.

San Francisco, CA

My friend & I went for a massage here last night after a long day and it was the most amazing massage! The place as super clean and the staff is wonderful! Treat yourself to an inexpensive treat! It's so worth it! Can't wait to go again!

Toni Rivera